Last week Denis had two recitals at the Klavierwerkstatt Renè Waldhauser, where he had pleasure to play pieces of Skryabin, Beethoven and Schumann

Due to the current world situation it was unanimously decided by the concert organizer and the Werkstatt owner René Waldhauser and Denis to dedicate the concerts supporting Ukraine.

«Initially, the concerts were planned several months ago and were supposed to be CD-presentational concerts. In today's reality for me it only makes sense to play a concert, if the whole revenue serves for supporting people in Ukraine, and fortunately Rene Waldhauser thinks completely the same!» - wrote Denis on his Facebook page.

Due to big interest in these concerts, we collected CHF 3240.- and the whole money was donated to charity foundation that provides humanitarian support to the people in Ukraine.

«Music is something completely opposite to the ugliness and horror of war, it is beauty and hope against death and fear, so maybe in these days music is needed even more to balance the world». - said Denis.